Airbus is a European, multinational aircraft manufacturer. One of the largest in the world, Airbus designs and builds both narrow-body & wide-body airplanes including the incredibly successful A320 family of aircraft to the 'Double-Decker',  'Super-Jumbo', Airbus A380. Based in Toulouse, France, Airbus was established on December 18, 1970. The main competitor to Airbus today is Boeing and together they almost make up the entire aviation industries for medium to large aircraft. Airbus' lineup includes various designs that serve varying markets and needs and compete vigorously with the offerings from Boeing. 


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Airbus A220-100 - Formerly the Bombardier CSeries CS100, the A220-100 is a narrow-body aircraft designed to be larger then regional jets.

Airbus A220-300 - Formerly the Bombardier CSeries CS300, the A220-300 is the larger variant of the A220-100.

Airbus A300B1/B2/B4 - A wide-body aircraft and the first line/series of aircraft designed and built by Airbus. 

Airbus A300-600 - A variant/extension of the A300B series of aircraft offering various improvements.

Airbus A310-200 - The first variant of the A310 family, the -200 is a wide-body aircraft that is identical in size to the A310-300 just with reduced range.

Airbus A319-100NEO - Also known as the A319neo, this variant is an improvement on the original A319 including new engines.

Airbus A320-200NEO - Also known as the A320neo, this variant is an improvement on the original A320 including new engines.

Airbus A330-800 - Also known as the A330neo, this variant is an improvement on the A330-200 with new engines.

Airbus A340-200 - The original variant of the A340 family, the -200 is a wide-body aircraft with four engines designed very similarly to the A330.

Airbus A350-1000 - The largest variant of the A350 family, the -1000 has greater capacity and range then the -900.