Airbus A340-600

The A340-600 is a wide-body aircraft and a variant of the A340. The A340-600 is the largest variant and has the most seat capacity out of all the variants. The A340-600 is was of the longest aircraft in the world until the introduction of the Boeing 747-8. The A340-600, like all A340s, is a four engine aircraft but is only one level as opposed to other aircraft with four engines. With four engines, this aircraft is losing popularity with airlines as two engine aircraft with similar or more capacity are quickly becoming more efficient to use over the A340. All A340 variants are no longer in production. This aircraft is designed to fly long haul routes with high demand.


Airline Seating Engines Types
Number of Planes
Total Breakdown In Use On Order
Hainan Airlines - - - No Longer Operated






8F / 56C / 28W / 189Y

8F / 56C / 229Y

8F / 44C / 32W / 213Y

8F / 60C / 238Y

8F / 48C / 270Y

Rolls-Royce Trent 500 24 -

F = First Class | C = Business Class | W = Premium Economy | Y = Economy Class