Boeing Commercial Aircraft is an American aircraft manufacturer. One of the largest in the world, Boeing designs and builds both narrow-body & wide-body airplanes including the very popular 737 to the iconic 'Queen of the Skies', Boeing 747. Based in Chicago, Illinois with major manufacturing plants in Seattle, Washington and North Charleston, South Carolina, Boeing was established on July 15, 1916. The main competitor to Boeing today is Airbus and together they almost make up the entire aviation industries for medium to large aircraft. Boeing's lineup includes various designs that serve varying markets and needs and compete vigorously with the offerings from Airbus.


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Boeing 707 Family - The 707 family of airplanes were the first jet powered aircraft designed and built by Boeing for commercial service. 

Boeing 727-100 - The first variant of the 727 family, the -100 is a narrow-body tri-jet designed for shorter routes.

Boeing 727-200 - The second variant of the 727 family, the -200 is longer and has more range then the -100.

Boeing 737-100 - The first variant of the 737 family, the -100 is a narrow-body twin-jet designed for shorter routes.

Boeing 747-100 - A#

Boeing 747-200 - A#

Boeing 747-300 - T#

Boeing 747-400ER - A subvariant of the 747-400, the -ER has extended range over the standard -400.

Boeing 747-8F - The freighter variant of the 747-8, the -8F is the largest 747 freighter ever. 

Boeing 767-200 - A#

Boeing 767-200F - A#

Boeing 767-300 - A#

Boeing 777-300 - F#

Boeing 777F - #

Boeing 787-10 - #