Boeing 717-200

The Boeing 717-200 is a design variation and successor of the McDonnell Douglas MD-80/90, which itself is a successor of the Douglas DC-9. With it's iconic rear mounted engines and 'T' shaped tail, the 717 is the last of such a design for narrow-body airliners as this design is now only still seen in regional airliners carrying much less passengers. The 717-200 is the only variant in the 717 family but is the largest version of the combined DC-9/MD-80/MD-90 family. The 717-200 is no longer being produced but still currently flies with the vast majority of them flying with Delta Airlines. It is well suited for a short to medium range flights and can carrying 100-120 passengers on average.


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Delta Air Lines

110 12F / 15W / 83Y Rolls-Royce BR715 57 31

F = First Class | C = Business Class | W = Premium Economy | Y = Economy Class

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