Boeing 727-200

The Boeing 727-200 is part of the 727 Family. It is part of small group of airliners having 3 engines and the only one to have them all mounted at the rear of the fuselage. The 727-200 is the second of two variants of the 727, the -200 being the longest one. Along with the rear mounted engines, the 727 features the 'T' shaped tail and it has a very low ground clearance as a result of not having any wing mounted engines. Because of the lowered height, the 727 was equipped with a folding stairs that came out of the lower rear fuselage under the tail for aiding with boarding and disembarking. The 727-200 is no longer in production and most if not all 727-200s flying today are passenger models that have been converted to freighters. Despite seeing a new purpose as a freighter after its life as a passenger airplane, the 727 freighter is being phased out of most fleets for more fuel efficient and modern freighters.


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Pratt & Whitney JT8D-15

Pratt & Whitney JT8D-17

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FedEx (Morningstar Air Express) - - - No Longer Operated -

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