Boeing 757-200F

The Boeing 757-200F is a narrow-body freighter aircraft and a variant of the 757 family of airplanes. There are two different versions of the 757-200F; the 757-200PF (Package Freighter – Designed and built as a freighter only) and the 757-200SF (Special Freighter – the conversion of older 757-200 passenger aircraft into cargo airplanes). The 757-200F is the only cargo variant in the 757 family as a  757-300F was never developed. The 757-200F, like the 767-300F, have moderate cargo capacity compared to other cargo aircraft but find themselves to be very popular with all-cargo airlines as they not only provide improved efficiency over older freighters like the 727-200F, but also enable companies to fly less cargo more efficiently rather than using large aircraft all the time. The 757-200PF is no longer in production by Boeing but production of 757-200SF aircraft, through licensed third-party companies, still occur today as 757-200 passenger aircraft are retired from commercial use. The Boeing 757-200F typically flies short to medium distant routes that have light to moderate cargo demand. The 757-200F can carry maximum cargo volume of 1,830ft3.

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