Boeing 757-300

The Boeing 757-300 is a narrow-body aircraft that is a variant of the 757 Family. The 757-300 is the largest variant in the family and is one of the largest narrow-body airplanes ever built. The 757-300 shares the power and performance that the 757-200 has however the range is reduced in favour for more seating but the airplane can also fly the trans-Atlantic routes that the 757-200 does. The 757-300 was not initially designed with winglets but they have become an aftermarket add-on enabling improved fuel-efficiency amongst other benefits. The 757-300 is no longer in production today and it unfortunately did not share the success of the 757-200; only 55 757-300s were constructed whereas 913 757-200s were built. The 757-300 can typically carry 243 passengers in two-class configuration flying medium to long haul routes with medium to heavy demand.


Airline Seating Engines Types
Number of Planes
Total Breakdown In Use On Order
Delta Air Lines 234 24F / 32W / 178Y

Pratt & Whitney PW2000




22F / 65W / 129Y

Rolls-Royce RB211 1 -

F = First Class | C = Business Class | W = Premium Economy | Y = Economy Class | Cargo = Dedicated Cargo Freighter

First Flight

Max. Range




Engine Options

Typical Seating