Boeing 767-200(ER)

The Boeing 767-200(ER) or Extend Range is a wide-body aircraft and variant of the Boeing 767 family. It is a variation of the original model, the Boeing 767-200. As the name suggests, this aircraft has extended range via the installation of additional fuel tanks in the aircraft. The 767-200(ER) has the same dimensions and seating capacity as a standard 767-200. As the 767-200 did, the 767-200(ER) helped pioneered the idea of twin-engine aircraft flying long distances, like trans-Atlantic routes, using ETOPS (Extended Twin-Engines Operations) and proving that a three or four engine aircraft was not required to fly over an ocean. This success led to the development of new route options and pairings as the 767-200(ER) was much smaller than aircraft that traditionally crossed oceans allowing airlines to fly routes with lesser demand that larger aircraft could not sustain. The 767-200(ER) is no longer in production and was designed to fly long haul routes with medium to heavy demand.

First Flight

Max. Range




Engine Options

Seating Capacity

September 26, 1981






(2) General Electric CF6-80 or,
(2) Pratt Whitney JT9D-7R or,
(2) Pratt Whitney PW4000

174 (3-Class)
216 (2-Class)
255 (1-Class)