Boeing 767-300F

The Boeing 767-300F is a wide-body, freighter variant of the Boeing 767-300ER. The 767-300F, like most freighters, can either be a purpose built freighter straight from Boeing (designated as a 767-300F) or it can be a passenger model that was converted into a freighter by the Boeing Converted Freighter program (designated as 767-300BCF). This aircraft has more capacity and range than the 757 freighters but still short of the 747 & 777 freighters that are available. Nonetheless, the Boeing 767-300F is capable of replacing the aging A300, A310, DC-10 and even older/smaller 767-200F freighters since it has similar capacity and range. The Boeing 767-300F can also be used for new operations to markets that don't need or can't handle a large freighter. The Boeing 767-300F is still in production and typically flies medium to long haul routes with moderate to heavy cargo demand. According the Boeing, the total cargo capacity of a Boeing 767-300F is 16,034 ft3 or 454m3 whereas the Boeing 767-300BCF is slightly smaller at 15,724 ft3 or 445.2m3.



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