Boeing 767-400ER

The Boeing 767-400ER is a wide-body aircraft and variant of the 767 family. At 201'-4" or 61.3m long, it is the largest variant of the 767 family. The 767-400ER is also the most recent passenger variant design as well. Despite it being the largest and most recent deign it only attained 37 orders between two airlines. The 767-400ER is no longer in production and has the capability of carrying 243 passengers in a three class layout or 409 passengers in all economy. This plane has a range of 10,415km making it ideal for long haul routes that have heavy demand.


Airline Seating Engines Types
Number of Planes
Total Breakdown In Use On Order
Delta Airlines 246

40F / 28W / 178Y

General Electric GE CF6 16 -
United Airlines 244

30F / 70W / 133Y

General Electric GE CF6 21 -

F = First Class | C = Business Class | W = Premium Economy | Y = Economy Class


First Flight

Max. Range




Engine Options

Typical Seating