Boeing 777-200(ER)

The Boeing 777-200(ER) is a wide-body aircraft and an extended range variant of the 777-200. The 777-200(ER) is identical to the 777-200 except that it is equipped with additional fuel tanks to allow the aircraft to fly farther or with more passengers & cargo to it's original range. The 777-200(ER) gives airlines the ability to improve their long-haul fleet offering by allowing them to fly to further destinations with the same capacity of a 777-200. While the 777-200 was replaced by the better 777-200(ER), it is no longer in production being replaced by an even more improved variant, the 777-200(LR). This aircraft flies long haul routes with medium to heavy demand. A typical 777-200(ER) can carry 305 passengers in a typical 3-class layout.

First Flight

Max. Range




Engine Options

Seating Capacity


7,065nm / 13,100km

209'-1" / 63.73m

199'-11" / 60.93m

61'-6" /  18.76m

(2) General Electric GE 90 or,
(2) Pratt & Whitney PW 4000
(2) Rolls Royce Trent 800

305 (3-Class)
375 (2-Class)