Boeing 777-200(LR)

The Boeing 777-200LR is a wide-body aircraft and an extra-extended range variant of the 777-200. The 777-200LR (Long Range) is not identical to the original 777-200 design. Not only does the aircraft possess extra fuel tanks, the aircraft boasts a longer wingspan and is specifically designed for ultra-long range travel. The 777-200LR gives airlines the ability to fly half way across the world without needed to stop for fuel while carrying a good amount of passengers and cargo. This aircraft is a niche type of aircraft as it is geared for the few airlines that operate ultra-long haul routes with enough demand to fill the airplane. Only 59 examples of the 777-200LR have been produced with no outstanding orders however it is still in production should a new order be placed. The design and success of the 787-8 and 787-9 have eroded the appear and benefits of the 777-200LR as they boast similar capabilities with more efficiencies. This aircraft flies long to ultra-long haul routes with medium to heavy demand. A typical 777-200LR can carry 301 passengers in a typical 3-class layout.


Airline Seating Engines Types
Number of Planes
Total Breakdown In Use On Order
Air Canada 300 40C / 24W / 236Y General Electric GE90 6 -
Air India 238 8F / 35C / 195Y General Electric GE90 3 -
Pakistan International Airlines N/A


General Electric GE90 2 -

F = First Class | C = Business Class | W = Premium Economy | Y = Economy Class

First Flight

Max. Range




Engine Options

Typical Seating