Embraer ERJ-190(AR/LR)

The Embraer 190 or ERJ-190 is part of the Embraer E-Jet family of planes. Beaten by the slightly larger 195 model, the ERJ-190 is the second largest commercial airplane Embraer produces. Designed for short to medium haul routes, this airplane serves the high end regional and low end domestic and transcontinental routes well. Seating around 100 people this design competes with models like the A319, the 737 and the CRJ Series.


Airline Seating Range Engines Number of Planes in Operation
Air Canada

97 (2 Class - 1-2 / 2-2 - Layout)

3,540 kM or 1,911 nm

(2) General Electric (GE) CF34-10E5A1


First Flight

Max. Range




Engine Options

Seating Capacity