Bombardier is a Canadian commercial aircraft manufacturer with their headquarters and final assembly plants in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They predominantly produce and specialize in regional turbo-props and regional jets however they have entered the small/medium narrow-body aircraft market with their new C-Series aircraft. Bombardier over the years has acquired other Canadian aerospace companies like Canadair and deHavailland incorporating, maintaining, and expanding upon their aircraft products. Bombardier also specializes in the production of Business Jet aircraft being a large presence in the market. The following models are currently not found on


CRJ-100LR - A variation on the CRJ-100/200 series of aircraft. The 'LR' stands for 'Longer Range' meaning that the aircraft can fly even farther then the ER variant.

CRJ-440 - A variation on the CRJ-100/200 series of aircraft. The only difference is in the number of seats on the aircraft which was 44 seats leading it to have the name CRJ-440.

CRJ-900 - Part of the CRJ family of airplanes, it is the second expansion of the original CRJ-100/200 series design.